Are you ready to fulfill on your life’s purpose?

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Life Discovery & Development

What It’s Really About

The work of Path & Purpose exists at the intersection of Astrology and Spiritual Transformation. Astrology is an ancient system of knowing about human experience on the earth and our role within the cosmos. The spiritual basis of Path & Purpose is based on Being and exploring your inner purpose, helping you become present to your life. This work is accomplished through personal readings, coaching, course offerings and blog articles, all designed to help you know yourself more fully and fulfill on the possibilities you create for your life.

Path & Purpose exists to teach and support you in understanding yourself as a Being; a divine expression of Consciousness in the world. It is only when you discover your inner purpose-the journey into yourself-that you can make your greatest impact in the world and inspire others to do the same. You have all of the answers to who you are inside of you. Path & Purpose will help you discover those answers.